Director's Notes ... Winter 2019

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This is our 20 th year of offering Art classes at Sanctuary Arts. We began with 4 and are now offering over 20 classes for each of our 3 seasons with the caliber of instruction rivaling most art colleges. I began Sanctuary Arts as a skill based, life long learning school. A product of late 60’s, early 70’s university and college arts education when all of the rules were thrown out the window, I was poorly trained. Sanctuary Arts has been my own personal training ground. I’ve been studying Oil Painting with Sean Beavers, Figure Drawing with Sydney Sparrow, Egg Tempera Painting with Sean Kramer. I’ve taken Cate Irvine’s Ecorche’ Sculpture class and her Figure Sculpture classes, Alice Carroll’s Jewelry classes, Carol Morley’s Botanical and Colored Pencil classes, Watercolor with both Dewitt and Pat Hardy, and I am sure more. Right now I am smitten with Egg Tempera, a medium that suits my love of process and has a luminous, timeless quality.

I love finding new instructors and classes to offer. Bill Paarlberg, long known for his Famous Monster of Portsmouth pen and ink series and his architectural illustration, was a watercolor student of Dewitt Hardy’s for several years. Now an avid watercolorist, he loves to draw and paint outdoors. He offers a Saturday 3 hour Watercolor Basics for the Absolute Beginner class, starting at the very beginning, with how to use a brush to grab water, how to use your pallet, how to mix paint, and how to use your brush to make basic marks and washes. Come gain the confidence necessary to continue learning and painting in this beautiful and challenging medium. Bill also offers The Elements of Landscape: Building a How-To Notebook, a class teaching basic drawing and painting techniques for portraying fundamental landscape features. Each class will address a different subject: sky, trees, water, buildings, rocks, figures, boats, perspective, composition, and more.

Amanda Rouse, besides offering her popular Indigo Dyeing Workshop, will teach a two-day Monoprinting weekend workshop. Monoprinting is an exciting printing method that combines painting and drawing with stamping, transfers, textures, and a touch of chance! Using water-based inks to make painterly prints that are one of a kind, you will learn the basics of additive and subtractive printing, registration, color mixing, using textures to create tones, and ghost printing.

Professional jeweler and educator Rob Peacock offers a new jewelry class in Hollow Form Construction, a course focusing on creating 3 dimensional shapes that can be incorporated into objects of adornment such as rings, bangle bracelets, and brooches. Similar to making a 6-sided box, students will learn how to bend, shape and form metal to create a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. The course will also cover techniques involving surface embellishment such as roller printing, reticulation, fusing, and hammer texturing for the soul purpose of enhancement.

We welcome Bruce Iverson, an artist who specializes in Asian Brush Painting and studied with master brush painters Jean Shen, Ning Yeh, and I-Hsiung Ju and traveled to China for a deeper understanding of the context of brush painting. He offers Meditations in Ink; Introduction to Asian Brush Painting, for those who wish to express their love of nature with simple, yet refined tools; brush, ink, inkstone, and rice paper. Subjects will be Bamboo and Plum Blossom in ink and color and an exploration of the nature of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.


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