Director's Notes ... Winter 2017

Awesome New Classes to Spark your Creative Genius!

As well as her Figure Painting in Oil (SA 6) class, Sydney Bella Sparrow offers a new Painting the Still Life in Oil (SA 8) class this Winter. It's well worth your while to look her work up at to see some amazingly luminous paintings that are simply beautiful. If I could paint half as well, I'd be content. I've been taking her Figure Painting in Oil class and have thoroughly enjoyed it as I learn how to paint flesh.

Gail Sauter returns in March with Color Rodeo (SA 1), a class for those who, as Gail so eloquently puts it, want to “tame the bucking bronco of color temperature and harmony, and gain real mastery of the power of color. Hang on to your hats- no boring charts, no tedious color theory.” Gail has a knack for inspiring her students and knitting together a cohesive group of students who become fast friends.

Sean Bixby returns with Graphic Novels & Comics (SA 3) for those who want to explore that specific kind of storytelling. Sean has gotten raves for his Children's Book Illustration class and I expect this one will be as well received. Learn about story structure, page composition, pacing, character design, environmental drawing and production as you develop skills in drawing, inking, and writing.

New instructor Mia Marzelli will be teaching Intro to Ceramics (SA 20). Mia is an artist and teacher who studied at the University of New Hampshire and graduated with her masters in art education, BA in studio art, and minor in art history. During that time Mia studied under the brilliance of Don Williams and was awarded the honorable ceramic fellowship award and acted as the ceramic department manager. She was responsible for firing all raku and high/low fired kilns, creating and implementing over 100 glazes, and guiding students with instructions and proper use of materials. She was also awarded the Edwin and Mary Scheier Ceramic Scholarship. Come learn 3 different techniques used to create pottery- pinch pots, coils, and the electric wheel with this accomplished potter.

Tom Glover offers Winter Landscape (SA 12) in acrylics, oils, gouache or watercolor. Come try to paint winter's snow and cold along with a sense of place. Tom is a wizard of landscape painting and he is happy to be your guide to paint snow piles, frozen rivers, and snow at the edge of seas. His Painting into Abstraction class (SA 4) focusses on the Abstract Expressionist movement. All levels are invited to be challenged and provoked by this wonderfully self-investigatory exploration.

Sean Kramer returns to offer his specialty, Icon Painting (SA 7). Sean is a wonderful teacher and person who can help you attempt to represent transfigured humanity through shape, color, and natural materials. Learn the preparation of the wood panel, the use of egg tempera paint, and the application of gold leaf. He will also again offer his well received Fresco Painting (SA 16) workshop and Contemplative Art Practices (SA 11).

I am proud of the caliber of instruction here at Sanctuary Arts and invite you to come study with the best as you explore your own creative genius.