Director's Notes ... Fall 2014

Amy Brnger's “Flower Painting in Oil” class begins September 3rd begin classes this early in the Fall, but made an exception for this stellar instructor's schedule. Amy's classes are perfect for flower lovers who work on one painting per class, creating quick, loose paintings of florals and having fun while doing it.

Gail Sauter has created a new class titled “Modern Impressionism: Techniques, Concepts and Tips”. Gail is a great guide for those who wish to loosen up- technically and compositionally. She has already shepherded through an amazing group of students whose work culminated in a show at NW Barrett Gallery. As we all know, being a producing artist can be a lonely profession.She has the ability to motivate and stimulate students in a way that creates a supportive “family” of artists. Part critic, part psychologist, part cheerleader, Gail has a wealth of knowledge and insight to impart.

Waves by Shiao-Ping Wang

ShiaoPing Wang offers a new class called “Picturing the Invisible: Bridging Idea & Image in Abstraction.” This drawing and water media class offers a direction for those who wish to create meaningful abstraction to express things that lack concrete forms, such as feelings, memory, or events. ShiaoPing's own work is always so thoughtful and beautifully structured.

Channel to the Sea by Elizabeth Craumer

New as an instructor at Sanctuary Arts is Elizabeth Craumer, a pastel artist who will be teaching “Adding Color to Your Landscapes in Pastel”. In her artist statement, Elizabeth says “As an artist I strive to simplify nature's complexities and transfer that feeling of wonder to the viewer. I am awed by the way the sun’s rays cast their glow on both animate and inanimate objects, visually bringing them together to create a larger mosaic. The landscape genre evokes human emotion through color. As the pastel colors blend to maintain vibrancy, the viewer’s eye creates its own impression. It is this harmony, man with nature that inspires me to create and to share my passion through the luminosity of pastel and conveyed through the unending variety of the New England landscape.”

The Scrum by Christopher Pothier

Christopher Pothier offers a class I am very interested in- “Creating a Narrative Painting”. Chris is a narrative figure painter who uses photographs, objects, computers, lighting and live models to create his fascinating narratives. He will be your guide through the difficulties of setting up your narrative in a convincing, exciting way.

Joshua Langstaff continues with his “Atelier Studies” and his “The Classical Figure” classes. These are classes that help you develop your drawing and painting skills in a classical system of training. passed down from master to student since the days of the Old Masters. Artists as disparate as Jean- Léon Gérôme, John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt and Pablo Picasso all trained in this system. Josh is an incredibly skilled artist who knows how to pass on his excellent training in a patient and knowledgeable way. I've been studying with him and am grateful he has decided to teach here. , so don't miss out.