Director's Notes ... Fall 2016

New instructors and classes for this season!

Sanctuary Arts is pleased to welcome new instructor Sydney Bella Sparrow, who will be teaching Figure Painting (SA 10) Wednesday evenings this Fall. Sydney is a realist painter and draftsman who just received her BFA degree with high honors at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, while maintaining her professional painting and exhibition career. Her subject matter alternately focuses on the still life and the figure, sometimes incorporating the two genres together. Sydney is represented through galleries nationally, and regularly takes part in both solo and group shows. Her work can be found in private and permanent collections around the world. (

As a necessary complement to Sydney's Figure Painting class, consider taking Lou Kohl Morgan's Drawing from the Model (SA 8), a new offering which meets Wednesday mornings. Drawing from live nude models in timed poses from seconds to one hour or longer, students will learn techniques such as the use of value to create form, gesture, accurate measurements and the study of skeletal form.

Do you have a Figure phobia? Gail Sauter returns to offer Go Figure! (SA 1) Monday mornings for those who want to capture the vibrancy of street scenes or add life to your landscapes. “People” your paintings under the tutelage of an excellent painter and instructor.




Fairy Tales: Stories, Archetypes & Art (SA 9) is a new course offered by Sean Kramer Wednesday afternoons. Combining literature, symbols and art making, this innovative course will examine the structure, symbolic journeys, landscapes and rich imagery of deep archetypal fairy tales. Sean lived as a monk and hermit for nearly 20 years and teaches classes on world religions, philosophy, fairy tales, the Bible, Asian art and culture, and art history at New Hampshire Institute of Art. Recently Sean has taught egg tempera, fresco, metal leafing and contemplative art practices to great acclaim here at Sanctuary Arts. He is a truly excellent instructor and deep thinker with an ability to convey the depth of his knowledge in an accessible and beautiful way. This Fall he again offers his well received Contemplative Art Practices (SA 11) and Basic Techniques of Egg Tempera Panel Painting (SA 7).

Tom Glover offers two new classes; Collage in Abstraction and Beyond (SA 4) and The Impressionist Touch (SA 6). Rummage through your attics and memorabilia for materials to inspire and augment your oil or acrylic paintings or explore the Impressionists and their techniques and ideas and how they worked with light. Tom is a thoughtful instuctor and professional painter who just had a show at the Van Ward Gallery in Ogunquit called The Perkins Cove Series and a recent and very successful show at the George Marshall Store in York.

Alice Carroll offers two new Friday evening classes: Die Forming (SA 16) and Surface Decoration (SA 17). Die forming allows you to create identicle forms fairly easily. Creating a beautiful surface on your metal enhances your jewelry. Tecniques such as granulation, chasing and repousse', etching, reticulation and marriage of metals will be explored.

Josh Dow, our Green Foundry guru, offers Beginner Blade Smithing (SA 18) on Thursday evenings for 4 Weeks. He has been creating his own very beautiful knives, which we have been using, and prefer them to our commercially made knives. Hang out with Josh in the foundry and absorb some of the magic.

And as always, we honor our tried and true regular instructors who have given us all so much in their excellent classes. We at Sanctuary Arts, are grateful for the extraordinary quality of their instruction as we try to learn new techniques and master old ones.