Director's Notes ... Winter 2015

New for the season, Christopher Pothier returns to offer The Costumed Figure (SA 3). The clothed figure is used by artists as a source for inspiration. Whether your interest is in color, texture, pattern, or the emotion, circumstance or culture offered by the clothed figure, this class will offer plenty of challenges for artists in the media of their choice. Chris is a full time figure painter who paints the chaos of his dreams. He has the experience to help those who want to learn how to capture the energy and theatricality of the figure in costume.

"The Chaotic Event Unfolds" by Christopher Pothier

Chris will also be offering Adobe Photoshop for Artists (SA 14). His Fall Narrative Painting class turned into a defacto Adobe Photoshop class as students learned how to compose their narratives on the computer, saving a lot of time with the digital manipulation of images. Chris has composed his large scale paintings on the computer for over 15 years in order to cut, paste, retouch, colorize, stitch, and merge elements within a photograph or multiple photographs to make his paintings the best they can be. He's an excellent teacher for those who want ot learn this compositional technique. For those who are more interested in creating promotional materials, Kim Ferreira offers Adobe Photoshop; The Basics (SA 15) and Build a Website in Wordpress (SA 16). I am always amazed at Kim's ability to work with computer challenged artists. It's rather like herding cats to get them all to grasp the technical components and stay on task. I applaud her composure and unflappable, good humor.

"Refuge" by Lisa Regopoulos

A new instructor, pastel artist Lisa Regopoulos will offer a one session Painting Sand Dunes in Pastel (SA 13) workshop. Lisa is a Massachusetts artist who captures the beauty of the natural world with her award winning landscape paintings. Her pastel paintings have garnered many awards at national and international exhibitions for pastels only. This year, Lisa’s pastel painting, Sound of Winter, was accepted into the International Association of Pastel Societies at the Vose Gallery of Boston and the Pastel Society of America exhibition at the National Arts Club, Grand Gallery, New York. We look forward to seeing her pastel demonstration as part of this Saturday workshop. Elizabeth Craumer returns to teach Beginning Pastel (SA 4) in an 8 week course for those who are curious about the medium or who want to broaden their knowledge.

"The Gathering Storm" by Elizabeth Craumer

Also new is Jennifer Field's Fire & Fleece (SA 20) two day workshop that combines handmade glass beads with felted wool. This class combines Jennifer's two passions and is for experienced glass bead makers eager to try a new combination of mediums. Another two day workshop Jennifer offers is Felting Nature: Woodland Creatures (SA 19). Students explore a variety of wet and needle felting techniques to sculpt wool fleece into a woodland creature of their choice. This is a great class for sculptors who want to learn to work directly in color over wire armatures. And speaking of sculpture, I (Christopher Gowell) am offering a Portrait Sculpture class (SA 21) suitable for beginners or those who wish to work intensively with the live model. Green Foundry proprietors Josh and Lauren Dow offer Found Object Bronze Casting Workshop (SA 18). You can see examples of their cast found objects and Lauren's necklaces at their holiday Pop Up Shop at Izzy's on Bow Street.