Director's Notes ... Fall 2015

New instructors and classes for this season!


Recording by Jeremy Miranda

I am delighted to welcome two new professional painters to the Sanctuary Arts instructors’ team, Jeremy Miranda and Tom Glover. Jeremy Miranda received a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art. His current work combines elements of landscape/seascape with man made architectural elements in an attempt to generate a fragmented narrative. He just won the Portsmouth Herald’s “best painter” Spotlight award and is represented locally by Nahcotta. His course, Experimental Painting with Acrylic, explores the broad range of possibilities and applications of acrylic paint as well as the landscape of different mediums and additives currently available and the multitude of surfaces one can paint on.

Tom Glover studied painting under John Laurent, John Hatch and Conley Harris, and drawing under Sigmund Abeles at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. He has traveled far and wide, from independent study in Europe, to research in Costa Rica’s rain forest. He says:

Dory, Flounder & Grannies by Tom Glover

"As I am concentrating on putting paint on a canvas, I also want to be aware of injecting the painting with that character that I sense while observing the rhythms of the ocean, sunlight, birds, fish and people who live, work, and die by the edge of the sea."

Tom is teaching two classes, Landscape and Representational/Nonrepresentation in both acrylics and oils. In Representation/Nonrepresentation, which is designed to step from natural or representational painting into abstract painting, students will explore the "construction" and structures of abstract representation, and "play" with paint. Tom’s Landscape class is a studio class, rather than a “plein air” class. Photographs and sketches will be used as triggers and references to create sound and hopefully unique work.

I also welcome sculptor Jeffrey Briggs, the creator of the new carousel at the Greenway in Boston (which I have gone to ride several times).

Rose Kennedy Greenway Carousel, Boston, MA -- Jeffrey Briggs, designer, sculptor and art director

Jeff is teaching Developing Artistic Vision; Methods & Practices. The course will share Jeff Briggs’ methods for making the process easier between the vision and the creation of the artwork. The course will consist of lectures and demonstrations on practices developed by Jeff over many years of working with clients to develop their ideas into reality.

Ithaca Falls by Lisa Regopoulos

Lisa Regopoulos, after teaching a couple of very well received pastel workshops here, has agreed to teach a longer 5 week class, The Painterly Landscape in Pastel, as well as a Saturday Painting Waterfalls in Pastel.

Bacchus by Kim Ferreira

Kim Ferreira, as well as her usual Build a Website in Wordpress class and her Adobe Photoshop class offers a 5 week class focusing on using Photoshop as a tool in creating artwork. Students will be shown how to use their own imagery in addition to material found on the internet or in books/magazines to create complicated compositions. Kim will bring a printer and scanner that will available to students.

And, of course, we have all the usual suspects teaching great classes here at Sanctuary Arts. Peruse our new website or brochure, and sign up for some engaging fun in your quest for artistic enhancement.