SA 12

Tom Glover,
10 Weeks
Thursday 6 – 9
February 2 – April 6
Tuition $300

Snow and cold, and the sense of place. Dealing with snow and winter can be arduous and exhausting. The same can be said about painting snow and winter scenes. We will be in the thick of the winter season at the start of class. Spring will be a bit of a ways off, but I want to try and link the class and our work to the seasons-- what we see, what we learn by looking, and what we learn by the experience of being in our surroundings. What effects us in and about the landscape? Why are we interested in painting the landscape? Why has it been such a long standing tradition in art? As we paint winter-- be it snow piles, frozen rivers, snow at the edge of the seas; we will transition into spring to see what changes it might bring to the palette. Be prepared to work from photographs and sketches you may have or do throughout the duration of the class. Acrylics, oils, gouache or watercolor.

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