SA 20

Valerie McCaffrey,
2 Days
Friday, Sept. 28, 5:30 – 8:30
Saturday September 29, 9 - 1
Limit 10 Tuition $140 Materials Fee $30

Did you know that if you timed it just right you can carve concrete as easily as butter? Discover the joys of working in a material that will become as solid as a rock. We will explore various techniques such as sand molds which involve pouring concrete into a hole dug out of wet sand. After the concrete hardens to the “Goldilocks Consistency” (not to hard, not too soft) we will use ordinary kitchen knives and channel the spirit of Michelangelo and find the angel in the stone. We will also have the opportunity to make hand carved columns or Easter Island style sculptures by pouring concrete into cylinders. We can also play around with inexpensive plastic pots and bowls, using them as moulds, to make our own unique planters for the garden or as gifts. Bring to class a dust mask and wear old clothes.

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