SA 7

Sean Kramer,
10 Weeks
Tuesday 6 – 9, October 18 – December 20
Tuition $300 Materials Fee $90

In this course you will learn painting techniques originating with the Egyptians, practiced throughout the Middle Ages, and continued into the present by artists such as George Tooker, Andrew Wyeth, Michael Bergt and others. We will first work on a number of small projects to learn and practice the basic techniques of egg-tempera panel painting. Then students can work on a painting either of their own design or based on a prototype or work with still life set-ups. We will begin by learning how to prepare panels using 'true gesso' made from marble dust and chalk. Then we will make our own paints from earths, semiprecious stones and modern pigments. We will learn a number of methods for using gold leaf and other kinds of metal leaf in paintings (gilding, assist, patination, painting over metal leaf). Multiple techniques of applying egg-tempera will be learned: dry brush, petite lac, glazing and scumbling. This will be craft-based painting course.

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